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They Got Duchamp Shilling for Napster

This really got a laugh out of me the other day. I came across one of Napster's many banner ads and something was just a little too familiar about it. Fittingly, it looks like the master of appropriation just got appropriated himself.

Account Executive: The client is set to approve, but they asked for sort of a hypnotic background. Can't you guys do something futuristic with one of those Photoshop filters?

Creative Director: Oh, now look who's crawling back to reconsider my dystopic Blade Runner storyboards.

Account Executive: No, they just want something trance inducing so people will forget about iTunes.

Creative Director (on phone): Joshua, your team needs to redo those Flash builds. Be a lamb and grab something artsy off that FUBUweb thingy you're always on. I'll be back from Pastis around 4.

My HTML looping embed skills are pretty poor, so either refresh the page to see that Napster animation again, or click here. Here's what they sourced it from:

Duchamp's Anemic Cinema on YouTube

Downloadable Anemic Cinema at UBUWeb

I wonder how many people will have no idea what I'm yammering on about and just assume I've begun taking on advertising?