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Arthur Russell's Springfield Coming Out This Week

Steve Knutson of Audika Records hit up our comments section this past December with an astonishing confirmation:

And yes, the DFA is remixing a previously unreleased electro track called Springfield, which I'll release in the....spring. It's totally sublime.
Now that it's finally ready, I've had a listen to it; it's an interesting mesh of new and old ideas. The DFA knob twiddlers take a respectful, even reverential approach and tread lightly. The skittering drum programming doesn't do anything special at first, but things begin to gel after the horns are introduced. Reminds me of late Tutu era Miles Davis for some reason, not from the period the source material comes from or the trumpet work, but because of the interplay of boyish levity crossed with a distant sadness (something that infuses much of Russell's work).

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Below is an intriguing Russell disco edit, it's really not that much different from the original Go Bang! release, save for the newly thought out guitar loop and the use of female vocals from what appears to be Russell's, well, Dinosaur L's
24/24 album. Saw 24/24 in a record bin once and passed, much to my great regret. The one that got away (it's OK, it was just a repressing). If you like this sort of thing, be sure to all seek out Polmo Polpos' Kiss Me Again and Again rework, though it has something of a different temperment.

Dinosaur L - Thank You Arthur (Edit De Prince Language)
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Soul Jazz compiled Russell quite well, I think, with their World of Arthur Russell release . Problem was that even the casual listener would be familiar with most of the inclusions. They were at least able turn heads by reissuing "Pop Your Funk", a breathy dance floor head trip. Even less well know is the B side off the original 7", which exponentializes the weirdness for disorienting effect.

Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk (7" Instrumental Mix)
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The elegaic "Sketch for Face of Helen" comes to mind walking through TriBeCa today, people are silent, the air stills. This is from my well-loved The Fruit of the Original Sin, an entirely different version with the same name can be heard on Audika's First Thought, Best Thought.
Field recordings of what sounds like a downtown pier too.

Arthur Russell - Sketch for Face of Helen
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