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Blogging Drunk is the Next Blogging

I've have this David Byrne album lying in my To Sell pile for ages, it's the score/instrumentation for a Broadway staged Twyla Tharp dance production called The Catherine Wheel. I don't know what distracted me when I first listened to it, but I pegged it as brainy pretension and banished it forever. Luckily, the governor called in a last minute stay of execution.

David Byrne - The Red House

The Catherine Wheel album is worthwile if you see it in the dollar bin. Some lagging spots, but a few wonderful moments, particularly the stray disco not disco oddity "Big Business" and "The Red House", above. Nice dubby moments enmeshed with tape manipulation, a sister to Byrne & Eno's "Qu'ran" I had up ages ago.

I've been playing around with Ableton, among other things, in my absence. Like most digital toys, I goof with it enough to get a minor mastery of its inner workings, then lose all interest.

Yello - IT Splash (Slowdown)

So that's the how the tempo slow with pitch hold functionality works. I love it, but your ears may disagree. Here's the original. No great accomplishment, but if you think the current deluge of disco edits stems from serious artistry, I've got news for you, the real innovation is in the software technology.

I didn't belive it at first when I heard Conrad Schnitzler did a disco record:

Conrad Schnitzler - Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal

$70 and change? Worth it, but I'll never afford this one, nice chugging weirdness with scary
cover to boot.