Banana Nutrament


"In popular arts, the question of tradition is very interesting, because most popular work is about 94% tradition and about 6% innovation, and that seems to me like a good kind of ratio. I believe that the function of culture that is always overlooked by people who are into the avant-garde and experimental music is not only to innovate but to keep rehearsing and rehashing what exists already. Rock music is a great example of this; there's always things being recalled and being built back into the structure again. Of course, what you choose to ignore and what you choose to re-enhance, what you choose to use again, is just as big a statement as the innovations you make." -- Brian Eno

Moondog - Dance Rehearsal

Bruce Haack - Incantation

Timothy Leary & Ash Ra Tempel - Space

Love Of Life Orchestra - Jocks On Ice