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Private Metal is Paying My Credit Card Bills

So a month or two ago I'm down near the historic Flatiron building and happened upon one of those street table booksellers that once carpeted the sidewalks of Greenwich Village. I noticed he had music, but it was the middle of the workday. Did I resist?

Of course not. I bought a Blowfly 12" and a later period Legendary Pink Dots release I was unfamiliar with. $2 each. But, the grizzled gentleman informed me, you would be much better off taking 3 for $5. I had passed a late '80s Roy Ayers thing in his crates that would likely bore me, but for a dollar, why not? Spent another 5 minutes trying to relocate it but came up empty. So instead I grab this silvery grey 80's heavy metal record -- put out independently by some guys hailing from New Jersey called Overlorde. The band photos were priceless, so I had to take it; knowing I could spin the wheel later and throw it up on eBay just to see what happens. I had heard before that this "private metal" microgenre had a rabid following, much like "random rap" a few years back.

After seeing a bit of early bidding I'm thinking I might actually get $20-$30 for this thing. The last hour of the auction brought in the heavy artillery and it closed at $102.


But nowhere near as amazing as the photo insert I just had to scan for posterity's sake:

Thanks Overlorde!