Banana Nutrament

24 Carat Black Biting Can?

The rumors keep surfacing from the beatdiggers, the samplers, the annoying wiseguy small-fish record dealers, about the two parallel paths crossing in the musical ether, emanating from soul and krautrock, both fetishized by the hard core collectors. It's really no surprise the allegations surface every now and then, as pointless they may be.

A groove from '72:

Can - Vitamin C

A groove from '73:

24 Carat Black - 24 Carat Black Theme

Even Oliver Wang picked up on the similarites, although "doesn't the latter sound like something you'd expect from Can?" is being a bit generous. I've heard from a few folks about a certain "borrowing" that's going on here, don't know, synchronicities do abound in life. Although, the prospect of an Ohio soul collectve hunkering down to listen to Ege Bamyasi is a pretty incredible thought.

Can / 24 Carat
(just for fun, don't hate, congratulate)