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Wild Style 25th Anniversary Reunion

I was in a poker game the other night and out of nowhere this young Chinese guy started doing the Fab 5 Freddy "Keep your eyes on the black" three card monte routine. Amazing how many people this film has touched.

From the Central Park Summerstage site

The Chief Rocker Busy Bee
The Cold Crush Brothers
GrandMaster Caz
DJ GrandWizzard Theodore
Fab 5 Freddy + special guests
Film screening of Wild Style
Sunday, July 29, 2007
From 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Central Park SummerStage

Before all the hits and headlines, before the bling and bullets, hip-hop was a comparatively naïve scene centered in New York’s South Bronx. Aside from the records themselves, nothing evokes these fantastically vital early years as well as Wild Style. The 1982 film by Charles Ahearn tracks the fortunes of a young graffiti writer as he makes his way from street artist to gallery attraction. This 25th reunion event will include a screening of Wild Style, plus live performances from legendary figures that appeared in the film, such as The Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Caz, Theodore and Busy Bee. There will also be new works of graffiti art created live onstage and special surprise guests.

I stole many a shot from Wild Style (come to think of it, Graffiti Rock too) when putting together this breakdancing multi-channel edit a while back.

No inside connection here, but I am going down on record with my prediction that one of the special surprise guests will be Nas. He certainly owes it to them. I am also predicting that he will perform two and a half songs, complain of audio monitor problems, and make an early exit.

Two recent tracks are putting me in the mood for the weekend:

HBO - Wat We Do
FBI ft. HBO - For the Love

Found them on Rob Low's MySpace (not the guy with that video). More there too, particularly a killer
Kinfolk Kia Shine and Beasties mashup.