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Michelangelo Antonioni Dead at 94

From the newswire: Michelangelo Antonioni, the Italian movie director whose depiction of human alienation influenced a generation of actors and filmmakers, has died. He was 94. Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni announced a public viewing of Antonioni's body tomorrow at City Hall, according to a written statement. The filmmaker died Monday night at his home, Ansa reported earlier, citing unidentified family members.

More reports here, here, and here.

For some strange reason I've revisited his later work (Blow Up and beyond) time and time again, yet am not overly familiar with his earliest films. Need to remedy that, had some luck doing so catching a few at a BAM career retrospective a year back but there's still so much more to digest.

Here's the incredible finish to Zabriskie Point:

I copped the Zabriskie Point soundtrack about a year ago at a little boutique store called Good Records. Got it pretty cheap considering the higher end collector oriented items they stock. Even if you've never seen the film (do), seek out this soundtrack as it's a great amalgam of late '60s psychedelic rock and folk. Can't go wrong with Fahey and the Youngbloods mixed in with heavy passages.

Pink Floyd - Heart Beat, Pig Meat
Jerry Garcia - Love Scene Improvisation
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And of course, the classic open to Blow Up:

Herbie Hancock - Blow Up Main Title
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RIP Michelangelo Antonioni