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77 BOADRUM Thoughts

It was incredible stuff, layers of echoed drumming lapping against the Bridge and the East River. Barely got in, I'm going to need to get over my hangover and take a dip in the Red Hook community pool before I add anything else to this post that I later regret. Suffice to say that VICE or Jelly, or whoever it was majorly dropped the ball, tons of space left inside the park, yet thousands turned away. Though quite possibly the line of people watching from high above on the Brooklyn Bridge walking path had the best view of all.

Here's some (admittedly terrible quality) video I took:

Edit: A swim, sun, and a nice long nap rejuvenated me completely. Check around the 1:20 left to go mark when EYE starts banging on his "guitar fence" of percussive guitar necks tuned to different chords. Much later, with little ambient light (almost certainly absent from the video) EYE pulled out an enormous trident and smacked multiple guitar necks like a mad Poseidon. Still, there was really nothing to see at the event, and I think those camped at the adjacent beach and those up on the bridge had even better spots:

Taken from a Flickr user on the bridge, epic shot of the snaking tendrils of drummers.

Yancey Strickler has a great writeup on the day, if you're interested.

The New York Times chimed in with a day of pre-event Arts listing, nice photography too. And now Kelefa Sanneh has his review of the day up.