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Boogie Down Brooklyn

I've been loving this DJ set/podcast done by DJ Duckcomb (Patrick Billard), have had it on repeat the entire past weekend. Entitled Boogie Down Brooklyn, it's an expertly stitched together collection of party tracks about the borough with most of the records coming from now defunct Brooklyn labels. Pretty great idea and even better execution. Tracklist below:

Boogie Down Brooklyn - Mixed by DJ Duckcomb

Cutmaster D.C. - Brooklyn Rocks the Best
Sounds of JHS 126 Brooklyn - Chill Pill (Arthur Russell Mix)
Les Femmes - Yes You Thrill Me
Barbara Joyce - Message in the Love
Vivian Lee - Music Is So Wonderful
Keith Thompson - I Want What You've Got
Omar Santana with the Brooklyn Bandits - Acid 1990
Peter Gordon - Brooklyn
Master Jay & Michael Dee - The Sound of Brooklyn
Bon Rock - It's Alright
Futura - Feelin' Hot
New Paradise - Easy LIfe
Snaps Montego - I'll Cast My Fate to the Wind
East Coast - The Rock
Jeffrey Turpin Experience - You Are Just the Right Size
Boobie Knight - Juicy Fruit My Love
Arts & Craft - I've Been Searching
James Barnes - See Me, Feel Me

Listen to it over at A Brooklyn Life
nod to Gripper