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Roxy Pain

The band website meta data for Brooklyn's wastoid art punks Roxy Pain secretly instructs Google thusly: content="Home page for the band Roxy Pain. Disclaimer: The band named Roxy Pain is in no way affiliated with the visual artist named Roxy Paine." Never understood the connection, really. Pain and Paine both reside in Williamsburg, the former as respected screenprinters (some excellent pieces here, here, and there), while the latter is a globe-trotting contemporary artist specializing in mycoid growths for gallery floors and robots that make art on their own accord. I'm guessing the name thing is an inside joke gone too far, something dreamt up on the way to rehearsal caromming back at them into something permanent. Joke's on them, I guess.

Looking at their upcoming shows, I saw I had accidentally attended their first ever performance alongside Jah Division and Panthers at the Mighty Robot back in '03. Either they didn't make much of an impression on me, or more likely, I was outside on that cigarette strewn rooftop abutting the performance room, missing out but getting relief from the steamy interior. Their sound is self-described as "John Carpenter meets Hawkwind", you can certainly hear the metal/krautrock influence, though no staccato synthesizers to be found (yet). Relentless stuff.

Roxy Pain - The Last Bullet, Two More!

Roxy Pain - Middle East

Roxy Pain website here
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Upcoming show at Brooklyn's Northsix on April 21st