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Brennan Green On Blast

37 to 41 AD - Reign of Caligula
1978-1989 AD - Ed Koch, Mayor of New York City

54-68 AD - Reign of Nero
1994-2001 AD - Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor of New York City

Brennan Green and Roy Dank's Pop Your Funk party must be on extended hiatus or just went out on top, because it doesn't seem to be listed in NYC anymore. Perhaps they're too busy getting flown out to Tokyo to create ebullient italo/electro sets in a land where the cabaret laws aren't as stringent.

I've been appreciating Brennan Green's studio work ever since his sublime remix of EPOD's Pursuit, spine tingles and all. Green has been a bit of a journeyman, putting out releases and remix work on top labels such as Coco Machete and Daniel Wang's Balihu. The Feedelity connection is not that much of a stretch, certainly falling within the dubby Metro Area/Environ axis, suppose that's how he enlisted the help of these lovely people from the North:

Brennan Green - Little Ease (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
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Brennan Green interview at Eye Weekly

More exceptional doings:

Dirty 30 - Red Temple Balls (Brennan Green One Night Stand Disco Mix)
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Brennan Green - Section 75 Drive (Reprise)
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