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Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It

Prospect Park was besieged by the Brooklyn Best festival this past weekend. It was sort of a crazy quilt of readings, outdoor screenings, bands, and excuses to see your neighbors.

Saturday night met us with the Brooklyn Museum First Night, and having not seen the Basquiat exhibit, I thought I'd poke my head in late to get a quick, free look. Turns out they closed a number of exhibits way early and incited a near-riot of people getting shut out of certain galleries. On the way over I caught a quick look at the Star Wars screening in the park. Caught a little cantina band and the revisionist, kid-friendly take on Greedo's demise.

Now did I learn from going to Saatchi's Sensation! at the Brooklyn Museum on the last day of the show? Did I learn from being shunted through a line that nearly stretched through Washington Avenue? No, so Sunday the wee one and I headed out early to check out Basquiat. Guess what? Half of the museum is inaccessible to strollers, though the website says otherwise. Owned by the BMA twice in two days.

Big boss man was a little bored with Baquiat's early work

A few of the better post-1982 pieces caught his attention though
Gray - Drum Mode
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Here's one of the few extent recordings from Gray, a band Basquiat played in and posthumously made famous by association. Warning
: Vincent Gallo is involved in this.

Rammelzee vs K-Rob - Beat Bop
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Original vinyl copies of the Basquiat produced "Beat Bop" go for over $1,000 on the open market. Sure, art world completists might be driving the price up, but this is a "mandatory listening" hip hop classic.

Before leaving for the museum we saw resident slimeball cheerleader Marty Markowitz on NY1 hawking a bike race to Coney Island and an "indie competition" at Grand Army Plaza. He answered the confused reporter's look with a clarification of "you know, one of those indie rock band competitions". I had Markowitz's number a few years ago when I saw him on the news wearing a polo shirt and slacks to a cop funeral. Classy.

Listen to 33HZ here
Courtesy of Stereogum

After the museum the Wonderbun and I passed through a Krush Groove from headliners 33HZ, a band that will surely be loved by the fauxhawk set. Dude really know how to jam out on the Casio keytar. All joking aside, these guys ignited the crowd with their pastiche Prince-isms and synthetic white boy funk. Kiddo Badiddo liked what he saw but offered they rocked out harder at Piano's last month.