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As fate would have it, just as I'm looking to meet all the new visitors with some posts worth bookmarking, calamity strikes. The "LCD Soundboard for Losing My Edge" post has created a deluge of traffic, seeing as every hipster worth his LiveJournal is linking to it. So what happens? Right as I'm looking to embark upon a strict post a day regimen, I blow out an eardrum. I'm not sure if it was due to diving too deeply too quickly, getting a bad cold on vacation, or blowing my nose loud enough to be mistaken for a Dizzy Gillespie impersonator, but something ruptured and I'm at 50% hearing. We've posted some kooky shit on here before, but I assure you this is all true.

Writing an MP3 blog with hearing in only one ear is a bit like asking One-Eyed Pirate Pete to review a 3D movie. If the damage is permanent I might hang up my shingle for good purely out of spite. In the meantime, maybe I'll switch over to a guest blogger format, review some spoken word (!), or just hope everyone else carries the weight (hint, hint). Just so you know in case you're wondering why we're dark for a while.

The good news is that Flavor Flav was on my return flight home. Saw him on the plane pissing off everyone in first class by pretty much refusing to sit down for the entirety of the flight. Caught him at baggage check and shook his hand. It was very cool of him to pal around with and take pictures with all the uniformed enlisted men and women on leave from Iraq; and yes, he does wear a clock even in his personal life. Dude is never off. The only problem with having him on the flight was my realization that if the plane went down, the headline would read "Flavor Flav Dies in Airline Disaster". I'm guessing a lot of my friends would have heard about it on TV or the Internet and would go, "Damn, Flavor Flav died?". Then a little later phone calls would go out and word would get round that I too would have perished, and everyone would be all, "Wow, Miggy died too? I can't believe he's dead". Then later in the day my friends would be all somber and reflective and go, "I can't believe Flavor Flav is really gone".