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Grazing in Prospect Park Bandshell

Hugh Masekela is coming to Brooklyn on Thursday, June 23rd. I find it quite baffling that both BV left him out of his
Gothamist Weekly Shows update and the good folks at Oh My Rockness tout Saturday's New Pornogrophers/Stars free concert in the bandshell without so much as adding Masekela's gracing of our fine borough to the listings. Methinks radio silence on this important gig has something to do with indie rock's general disdain for jazz, unless it concerns an out of print LP of Sun Ra playing nose flute with Malcolm X's son-in-law. At least the grouches at New York Press caught notice.

Hugh Masekela is best known for his chart topping hit "Grazing in the Grass", but the South African trumpet player has also collaborated with Afrobeat superstars and worked tirelessly for the end of apartheid in his homeland. The other half of the bill is a screening of noted artist William Kentridge's Drawings for Projection. I don't know much about it, but I would imagine this animation with original score will be in the style of his portentous charcoal drawings.

Hugh Masekela - Grazing in the Grass
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Hugh Masekela - Mama (Metro Area Birthday Dub)
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Hugh Masekela and William Kentridge (screening) at Prospect Park Bandshell 7:30pm, Thursday June 24th
Map for the Prospect Park Bandshell
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