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EYE Love New York

Someone surfed into the blog yesterday by Googling "yamatsuka eye passerby". I guess we talk about EYE quite a bit, and I think a Gang Gang Dance performance at Passerby was once mentioned here. Paid it no mind until I saw this press release:


November 18th to December 10th
Opening Thursday November 17th, 6-8pm

436 W15th Street
New York, NY 10019
Wednesday-Saturday 12-6

Gavin Browns enterprise is pleased to present "Ongaloo", an exhibition of new work by Japanese artist/musican EYE. This show follows on from "WEYEW", his genius show at the now defunct Transplant Gallery earlier in the year.

EYE has been deeply involved in the underground Osaka music scene since the early eighties, and has performed in countless bands, among them Hanatarash, Audio Sports, UFO or Die, Noise Ramones and MC Carhouse & DJ Hellshit.

He is also a founding member of that scene's most famous export, The Boredoms - who have continued to wow and surprise, and release exclusively excellent music.

His grounding in music and the transformative power and chaos it can yield are ever-present in his drawings and collages. But unlike the collaborative process of making music, EYE describes his method of making art as a "private activity, an almost half-automatic visualization of my impulses.".

Like his music, this work is full of pure energy and a feeling of total artistic freedom. Much of the imagery used is seemingly culled from all over the place, but done so in a sincere, intelligent and inclusive way. All these things combine to from a parallel universe, and everything looks happier for being there. It is this clash of EVERYTHING - symbols, techniques, color, the planets - that make his work truly psychedelic.

Rumored solo performance by EYE at the opening (around 7pm), and possibly a collaboration with a few friends. Or there will be no performance and it will just be a crammed sweat lodge with pretty pictures on the wall. RUMORS RUMORS.

Yamataka Eye & John Zorn - Bar Time With Eno
**Buy it from Amazon**

The Lift Boys (EYE's tribal house project) - Anarchy Way
**Buy it from Tower Records Japan**