Banana Nutrament

First There Are Kisses, Then There Are Tears

Not too lucky this weekend. Having lunch at a local burger joint, our baby pulled a nearly full pint glass onto my wife's lap. Later that night I dropped a curry on the floor, it splattered all over the wall and into my eye. I teared up as it burned like the raging volcano on the cover of that Dianetics book. Good thing it was only a tikka masala, had it been a vindaloo, I might have required an e-meter clear session.

Banana Nutriment

In an effort to not spend any money, we stayed home and roamed the cable channels. Settled on The Crying Game. A favorite of mine, mostly due to Stephen Rea. My mother took me to the original theatrical release of the film back when I was twelve, as she was a booster of all things Irish. What I remember most was not the awkwardness of watching dude on dude action in front of Moms but how the movie extinguished my youthful sympathies for the IRA.

Dave Berry - The Crying Game
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Here's a little something from the Ichi the Killer soundtrack I've been listening to quite a bit lately. Ichi is scored by the Boredoms, err, Karera Musication. Gang's all there except for EYE. I promised no more EYE posts for a little while, and I'm keeping my word in a manner of speaking.

Karera Musication - San (Track 3)
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I never understood the rabid fetishization of Morricone's soundtrack work until I heard this from Danger: Diabolik. Many thanks to Bedazzled.

Ennio Morricone - Money Orgy
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