Banana Nutrament

Get Off the Internet

The font of all knowledge that is this blog has run a little dry in the last week, it's the holidays and I've been traveling. But six days without a post, it's not like we abandoned the damn thing.

So, as a Christmas Eve advent calendar of sorts, here's a mix of some of our favorite tracks this year featured on Banana Nutrament. Thought it sounded fun, apparently Molars had the same thing in mind. Could be nice if a few other blogs will pick up on this.

I'll reveal track listings in a few days; one warning, I am in no way a DJ, and this is a real Frankensteinian grafting of different sorts of sounds. This would be a great gift if you know someone allergic to beatmatching. But I think it represents what we try to put up here week in and week out.

Banana Nutrament Christmas Eve Mystery Mix
sorry for the YouSendIt styles, I"ll re-up it when I'm back in civilization