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Bjorking with Barbara Gladstone

Interesting that music critics have been entirely indifferent to Bjork's recent soundtrack work. Sure, it's not a proper industry release with marketing budgets and all, but it has its moments, and should appeal to more than just art snobs and Bjork completists. I won't put up anything from it, isolated tracks would make even less sense than the totality of the album. So how about this banger?

Bjork - It's in Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth Remix)
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Years ago I had a run in with her husband's gallery, I had tried to get a hold of a sample of his early work and they wisely nixed the idea. This is back when I was a naive young pup overdosing on critical theory and people with berets.

Remember, don't say it "a ' vant-garde", it's pronounced "ah ' vant (flip scarf over left shoulder) garde".

I ended up getting the source material from some art video collector who had a decent Cremaster bootleg. The tedium of manually threading the tape under a magnet birthed "Erased Barney Video", skittering vertical hold, blue strobes, and all. I think I was plumb out of my mind back then.

Koala had tons more success with this appropriation/hijack. From the underground cassette tape that woke everyone up to this talents.

Kid Koala - Made From Bjork
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What a great series of reverse prank calls, I think I posted one of these this past Spring. And the victim's response is priceless, very Fluxus of him to go along with it.

Matt Besser - Bjork
**Available on his May I Help You (Dumbass)? recordings**