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NME Shenanigans

I don't know what all this business is with insinuations that the NME has somehow fixed their Best of 2005 Awards. I had no idea that tabloid sensationalists had ditched Rupert Murdoch to mudsling scoops in the online world.

Of course, err, Circulus deserves #47. Who are they again? And The Cribs are a hip hop group championed by grime bloggaz, right? The real outrage is We Are Scientists making the top 50. In our world, there can only be one Scientists.

Scientists - Psycho Cook Supreme
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That was a horribly contrived segue, there are some great videos by the up and coming We are Scientists here and here. But truthfully, I still have no clue who Circulus or Cribs are.

The good news is we have found a band that could be the next favored sons of the NME. That is, if Pete Doherty ever shuffles off this mortal coil. Are there bookmaker odds on that yet? Well, not only are these fresh scrubbed Fire Engline lads from Scotland, but they have even dared to cover a Franz Ferdinand song.

Fire Engines - Jacqueline
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Wait, how old are they?