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Arthur's Landing at St Mark's Church

Damn. It's probably too late for the Googlebots to pick up on this, so forward this info to friends as you see fit. We got some interesting news from Steven Knutson of Audika Records in response to Friday's post.

He wrote to let us know that tonight, (Sunday 1/1), a group of musicians will be performing Arthur Russell's music at St. Marks Church in New York City's East Village. No definite time of performance as of yet.

Steven writes:

Ernie Brooks phoned me from rehearsal a few minutes ago, and all he knows is that they are performing "after 10:00 PM". So my guess is between 10 and midnight. Here's the line-up (there is also another musician whose name I don't have):

Mustafa Ahmed
Ernie Brooks
Steven Hall
Elodie Lauten
Peter Zummo

Thanks Steven!