Banana Nutrament

That Mix From the Other Day

It wasn't a test but some of you might have recognized a few songs off that Banana Nutrament Christmas Eve Mystery Mix I threw out there a few days ago. Below is the tracklisting with links to standalone posts. These are some of my favorite things we put up in 2005 (although very few are 2005 releases).

Daylight's for the Birds - Worlds Away (Rough Mix) post mp3
Nicky Siano - Move post mp3
Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Re-edit) post mp3
DJ Ayres - I Shouldn't Have Done It/Hot Music post mp3
Poni Hoax - Budapest (Joakim Italo Dub) post mp3
Acid Test/Simple Minds - Test One/Theme For Great Cities post mp3
Psychic Ills - Another Day, Another Night post mp3
Boredoms - Jungle Taitei (Laughter Robot's Hemp Mix) Remixed by Yann Tomita post mp3
Disco Dub Band - For the Love of Money post mp3
Paul Haig - Mad Horses post mp3