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Baby Loves Roy Ayers

Saturday was windy and chilly, so we finally made it down to Baby Loves Disco, a children's dance party out of Philadelphia making bimonthly stops in New York (alternating between Southpaw and Cielo). We had arrived right at 3pm, and one of the strangest "clubbing" experience of my life transpired. The Southpaw crew was a little slow in opening up, so sprawled out on the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue were 30-40 odd children and their parents impatiently lined up to get in. While waiting, we fully expected some imperious bouncer to come out to judge which uncool babies had to remain behind the velvet rope.

Once it began, it was a relief to find it wasn't a Bee Gees cheezefest. Cosmo Baker was up on stage, rocking the Final Scratch with possibly some vinyl on the side. Lots of fun was had carrying our infant through the bubble machine while all manner of toddlers on the dancefloor were going bonkers to "I Want You Back" by the Jackson Five. The DJ even broke off a mellower Roy Ayers mini-set for a breather.

Osunlade - Tarzan (Yoruba Dub)
**Buy it from Phonica**

Pepe Bradock - I Am Your Mind Part II
**Buy it at Soul Seduction**

The above are two great Roy Ayers remixes I've been enjoying lately, both from separate EPs that BBE have put out.

Yes, that's another tenuous musical connection to what I'm posting about, but have you ever tried doing a bottle feeding with the the rolling bass of "Flashlight" in the background? Go to start 'em young.