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Super Bowl Sunday

It is upon us again.

Chicago Bears - Super Bowl Shuffle
Superbroker Shuffle Video

My problem with Super Bowl Sunday isn't that I don't care for football, but that it's the one day of the year it's impossible to get chicken wings. It becomes Black Sunday at my local spot, the line there stretches around the block as if it had become Balthazar with the Dalai Lama holding court blessing croissants.

As a connoseiur of wings, I have no patience for places that do it wrong. That means pizza places are out. Atomic Wings is pretty worthless unless it's 3am and you're seized by a drunken craving. Wingz in the East Village is a particularly reprehensible little joint, terrible service and you get a basket of leathery monstrosities. When it comes to the wing, bigger is rarely better.

Top NYC places for gorging yourself:

1) Wing Wagon
New York City's all around champ. You get a plate of succulent little things, with all the heat you might require. The barbecue varieties are excellent and they don't go overboard with sauce variations. There's also a few healthy things on the menu, but I wouldn't know much about them.

2) Tebaya
Pretty sure I can credit Sietsema for this find. If not, I had read about it somewhere. Finally got to check it out after the WFMU Record Fair and I was real impressed. You get a basket of fine wings shellacked with a wonderful sticky sweet soy sauce. Addictive Japanese comfort food, I'd be a regular if I worked near the place.

3) Tavern on the Dean
Well loved for its hot wings, but I'd direct you towards their heaping plates of jerk wings. Used to to think I could only get my Scotch bonnet/black pepper fix at the Carribean Day Parade, but these will do you nicely.

I thought Stevie Wonder was lined up as the Super Bowl halftime entertainment, but now I see it's the Rolling Stones. Don't know what happened here, either things got shuffled around or I was misinformed. Wonder is appearing in a pre-game performance, which I hope they televise. I'd love to see him kick off his set with this:

Stevie Wonder vs The Clash - Casbah Wonder (Dunproofin' mashup)

Again, people say the mashup fad is over, but this track is more infectious than those things on Carlos D's chin.

Stevie Wonder - Don't Drive Drunk

This song might have saved my uncle's life in the 80s. Hearing this on the radio one evening, he pulled over to the side of the road and stared at himself in his rearview for a few long hard minutes. Then he got out of his car, put on his Coogi sweater and walked home.