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2006 Pazz and Jop Results In

It hits newstands tomorrow, but the 2006 Pazz and Jop results are up right now on the Village Voice site. Actually, real nerds have been hitting reload since 11:00 am this morning..

No one bid on my ballot, all the work I do for you people and I can't catch a Buy it Now every once and again?

In the issue's cornerstone essay The Dean (Christgau) expounds on the rapidly shrinking time involved in the critical hype cycle due to file-sharing, message boards, and blogs like this one here. I don't yet know what he was droning on about, I only scanned it on Technorati.

Just kidding. I'll read it on the subway tomorrow.

I think it's time for some Weasel Walter.

Weasel Walter - I Just Whaled on a Music Critic with a Baseball Bat

And this, apropos of nothing, except that I just found out it it segues perfectly from the previous track.

Rusty Santos - Feel Radio Signals (Botanica Mix)

Wasn't this better than me just telling you who won?