Banana Nutrament

R.I.P. Nam June Paik

Oh man. Nam June Paik died at his home on Sunday. In a world of art world phonies and market pressures for the next big thing, rare was his visionary genius. That whole "inventor of video art" accolade was always sort of dubious, but he was one of the few individuals running with Fluxus that could match George Maciunas pound for pound with his wit and productivity.

Banana Nutrament

Do yourself a favor if you ever find yourself in SoHo among the high-end boutiques and home decor shops. There exists a large tree coming out of the sidewalk at 80 Wooster, it was surreptitiously planted in front of a Fluxus funhouse back in the 1960s. It exists now as trace remains of the anarchic spirit that Paik added so very much to.

A few selected recordings:

Nam June Paik - Etude For Pianoforte

Nam June Paik - Hommage a John Cage

Nam June Paik - My Jubilee Ist Unverhemmet

A .PDF of Gene Youngblood's Expanded Cinema exists here at UbuWeb. Highly recommended if you are interested in the converging fields of video, cinema, and the expanded arts of the '60s.