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Sexual Harassment or Harrassment?

Can we reach a consensus on the spelling of this band's name? Can they? It would be entirely believable if this ragtag goofball outfit had intentionally spelled their name wrong, but who's to know?

I returned to my love of Sexual Har(r)assment the other day after an e-mail from a random music house licensing person inquiring where she could find recordings by Gray. I probably should have directed her to the Downtown 81 film, but instead forwarded her a link to Gomma's Anti-NY and threw it on the stereo for the hell of it. SH's "If I Gave You a Party" can be found on that compilation, it's likely their best known track and a good starting point for those unfamiliar. Yet another wonderfully weird early 80's band light on recorded output:

Sexual Harassment - You Are My Sexual Connection

Sexual Harassment - Exercise Your Ass Off

I would provide you with a link to buy, except there isn't one, save for eBay. They are in dire need of a comprehensive reissue, maybe the sampling of their "I Need a Freak" on the execrable "My Humps" will help make this happen.