Banana Nutrament

Rappers Delight Club - First Ladies Anthem

Many, many months ago Banana Nutrament put this Sufjan sample up for any and all takers. RIP bro (directed towards the contributor, not Surfjan).

Sufjan Stevens - They are Night Zombies.. Loop

Some guy did a Kanye West mashup, but we were too slow to get around to listening to it if memory serves.

So it was with great pleasure to hear the loop in use by a group of young girls trying their hand at hip hop for an afterschool program. Saw this over at Sneakmove, we bring you the Rappers Delight Club (nota bene, we have no idea if they came across the sample independently).

Rappers Delight Club - First Ladies Anthem
Listen to more at Rappers Delight Club's Myspace page

Read this if you want more background, the cuteness of a posse cut by a12 year old girl hip hop troupe is undeniable (well, there's one boy in there too).

Also, no takers on the Bobby Brown or William Onyeabor samples? Ridiculous.