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Christopher Wood must have dug up an old post of mine, the one asking you folks to help identify a building I ran into while record digging over at the Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy Salvation Army. I'd like to repeat his recent comment on that old post, so it doesn't get buried:

My parents, Arthur and Cynthia Wood have been living in fear of the building department after a threat this week to throw them out on to the street without even their family possessions or artwork, and destroy their home of 30 years "Broken Angel". Last night someone placed a broken angel statue in front of my parent's door at 4 Downing Street.

Thank you to the anonymous donor, it meant the world to me and my parents as it gave us a spark of hope. Many of you wonder what the hell my parents are doing with that building. They always were building an outline of a dream, a building that was different from the usual architecture of today. They did this while never having enough money to complete their dream. But that didn't stop them for using found or discarded objects that we throw away ever day like the glass bottles that they used to create a stained glass windows. sets This is the interior and exterior of Broken Angel. My name is Christopher Wood, I have worked for B&H Art in Architecture (web site here for the past 4 years. I am a stone carver and have restored such landmarks such as the Cloisters Museum , Metropolitan Museum of Art , and Grace Church in Manhattan.

My parents and I would love to give back to the community of Brooklyn and turn Broken Angel into a nonprofit foundation for music and the arts which would include a school and museum. There are also complete building plans drawn up by my father in which the first page can viewed at 127493 But we need help from you, the residents of New York City.

All of your comments and ideas are welcome

Donations can be sent to Arthur Wood at 4 Downing street Brooklyn, New York 11238. I am at work on a web site with friends of Broken Angel to accept paypal donations

I'm guessing this all has to do with the big fire that Brooklyn neighbor Gumby Fresh notified us about:

It's a real shame, and we hope they bounce back. In case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, Broken Angel is a lysergic/baroque architectural marvel smack in the middle of Brownstone Brooklyn created by the family of the above commenter -- you may know it better as the backdrop to Michel Gondry's Dave Chappelle's Block Party.

No, I've had no luck at the above mentioned Quincy and Downing Salvation Army. Save for a moldy Roy Ayers side and some random 12"s, I've had no luck, though others swear by the place.

Once picked up Nas' Illmatic at a stoop sale in the vicinity of Broken Angel. Some would be DJ must have attempted a hell of a scratch on it because there is an inaudible curlicue embedded in its surface.

Remember "One Love"?

The Heath Brothers - Smiling Billy Suite Part 2

Vous pensez que vous l'avez entendu tout, mais, encore quelque chose comme ceci apparait.

Le Par Bongon Rockers - Apache