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Quincy and Downing Broken Angel Honeypot

So this is my new thing now. Since putting up a half informed post on Las Malas Amistades and attracting the band's attention, I'm going to start writing about things I want to find more about.

Banana Nutrament

I'm guessing you're here reading this because you Googled that amazing house at 4 Downing Street, nestled in the corner of Quincy and Downing, near Classon, where Clinton Hill segues into Bed-Stuy. I saw the house too during a long walk a few years back, it is really a sight to behold.

It's sort of a twisted, byzantine construction of angled windows, terraces, and ledges. I'm not sure if anyone lives there, or if it is a long abandoned project of some nearby Pratt students.

Can anyone help? Leave a comment, or e-mail me at nutramentmike @, and I'll update this entry with your additions. I couldn't find anything explaining its origins, but came across a few photos and links:

Pictures from some movie scout guy?
Another good one from the scout
Satan's Laundromat
Village Voice Best Of
Google Maps location of the building

Let me know if anyone can help explain 4 Downing Street..

Update (Sep 7th, 2005)
Big up to Rio Rocket over at That Good Good for setting us straight with answers and some more links. In fact, the building, know as Broken Angel, is the project of a Pratt teacher/alum, and is still being tinkered with to this day.

Another Broken Angel Lover
Forgotten NY (how did I miss this?)
Great Pictures at Jimmy Legs
Featured in Designer/Builder
Setting for a Dave Chappelle Film Shoot

..I wouldn't forget your bread and circuses:

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House
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Daniel Wang - Unhouse
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Speaking of Insound, I'm a little late with this, but head over to Gumby Fresh to take a gander at indie rock baseball cards. I'm fiending for a Stephen Malkmus M-/NM with no soft corners. What marketing scheme will they think of next?

Also, this pretty good Village Voice Essay is worth reading. I intentionally passed it over Wednesday as I thought there was little novelty in its New York City equals Rome thesis. That thought has occurred to myself and countless others in our city time and time again. Had a little spare time on the subway, so I read it today. It's actually quite good and has lots of funny quotes from writers and poets of the Imperial era. They couldn't stop bitching about the rental market either.