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I Must Be Bored (A Tale of Two Compilations)

Because I'm blogging again. Either that or I have recovered from the shell shock of turning thirty a month ago to this very day. I'd love to share all the great WFMU Record Fair things I got earlier this month, but the turntable is half way across the room with no easy way to digitize. I was able to glean one track I've been digging from this Y Records comp off Soulseek though:

R.A.P.P. (featuring Archie Poole) - Guns, Bombs, Handgrenades

Didn't get the below at the Fayre, but have also been loving this bookend on the Earcom 1 compilation (had to buy that for The Prats)

The Products - Flesh

Sounds like an art school goof or maybe a fey cousin to impLOG's "Holland Tunnel Dive". Apropos of nothing, The Swamp Children and Don King also both have tracks entitled "Flesh", just noticed that.