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Google Understands Information

Sitting in the park this past Saturday, I couldn't stifle my curiosity about how the New York Yankees / New York Mets baseball game was progressing, without a PDA or any sort of mobile Internet connection I was stuck calling friends who might be watching at the time. On a hunch I thought I'd revisit Google's text message service, it came out about three years ago to some small fanfare, essentially you text 466453 (alphanumeric for GOOGLE) a restaurant or business name followed by an approximate zip code. Generally it spits back an address and phone number, which is incredibly useful. One evening after it's debut I attempted to check on a game by texting "yankees score". Moments later, Google returned back that it did not have presently have sports score functionality.

Of course, now it's been several years (and several billion dollars) since, so relaxing in the park, I thought I'd try it again. Here's what I got back:

And as hilarious/frustrating as that is, it wasn't even the correct final score.

Tha Swami Scratch - The Swami Scratch

Eberhard Schoeneron - Why Don't You Answer (feat Sting)

God, I sound like Andy Rooney.

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