Banana Nutrament

China Shop Find

Last winter I came across a moving sale and was lucky enough to find a nice no wave gem entirely unknown to my ears. And doubles of the Maximum Joy Stretch/Silent Street 12" on 99, but that's another story.

China Shop - Kowtow

Blistering stuff that puts the work of most post-punk revivalists to shame. Just give up and be the first to cover this. Insider credibility will follow, and of course all the blogs will love you. Then your agent will score you that Mitsubishi ad, and you can apply the $50K to buy ARP synthesizers and delay pedals crafted in editions of three. Pretty soon you will be flown out to Berlin regular like to play 72 hour marathon dronescapes in abandoned nougat factories converted into art galleries. Then you can fire the bassist because he just doesn't get the new direction the band is going in.

Listen, I have a sixth sense for this sort of thing. Call me Murray Wilson if you want to, but the first rudderless band to cover this will go supernova.

I'm not the first person to rediscover China Shop, nor will I be the last. They've been Hyped2Dead and are even represented on a digital reissue label. They even have Richard Edson too. What's not to love?