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Marlin, Grog, Madman & The Bomb

We haven't exactly been a source of useful information on Metal, save for some chat room hijinks and a few notes on the flourishing practice of reselling private metal. As crazed as that Overlorde insert was, something even better has emerged. eBayer iamthewitch has set us up with a detailed back cover image from one of their current auctions. Bid early! Bid often!

Here's Wizard's Marlin, Grog, Madman & The Bomb, I dig that each one has their own personal flair:


And then there's the last word on this sort of thing, the trailer to Jeff Krulik's Heavy Metal Parking Lot

**Buy Heavy Metal Parking Lot here**

Barely related, I really dropped the ball and failed to write about the recent Banks Violette double exhibition at Barbara Gladstone and TEAM Gallery before the shows closed. Amazing stuff, sort of a hallucinatory cross between Burzum and Matthew Barney, infused throughout with a foreboding placidity.

I've seen his early work years back, and never really thought much of it, now he's grown into a formidable emerging (emerged?) artist.

Earlier work:

Collaboration with Sunn O))):

Lastly, in regards to art shows, one thing I have to put up before it closes is a reminder to check out Art of Music, A Show of Handmade Record Covers at Secret Project Robot.

Dan Selzer of Acute Records has a great writeup and even contributed a few things to the exhibition, read about it here. Thought the show closed Sunday, looks like it's ending today, as in three, four hours from now. I need to get on the ball with these things.