Banana Nutrament

Excerpt from Dazzle Ships the Other Night

Great time. Thanks to all that came out. Dan and Jeremy were stellar hosts, even going so far to reveal the ins and outs of Heather's new $$$ Korg mixer, which I immediately blanked out on after a few drinks. Some of the evening was recorded, there's a small excerpt below (can't host the entirety of the four hour file). Dave killed it with the italo/disco/kraut and Silver Apples jams. Here's a slower passage I threw on earlier in the evening:

excerpt from Wednesday night


Ashra - Shuttlecock
JD Emmanuel - Wizards Movement V
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds
Walter Steding - Landing
R.A.P.P. - Guns, Bombs, Hand Grenades
Udokotela Shange Namajaha - Awungilobolele
Exuma - Obeah Man
Afric Simone - Piranha

Got that kickoff Ashra - Blackouts at the WFMU fair, traded a semi-rare Christian folk record to a well regarded transvestite psych dealer for it. She got the better of me on the deal, but I wanted the Göttsching mindmeld and in the end, who cares?

This week I heard about a Joe Clausell rework of the very same track from up above. It's spacey and nuanced, with underlying synth moves peppered throughout.

Manuel Göttsching meets Joe Clausell (Shuttlecock edit)
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