Banana Nutrament

New Age New Rage

This was released back in April, but it's killing me right now. Really competent New Age bliss outs by none other than Lou Reed. Metal Machine Music it's not.

I first composed this music for myself as an adjunct to meditation, T'ai Chi, bodywork, and as music to play in the background of life—to replace the everyday cacophony with new and ordered sounds of an unpredictable nature. New sounds freed from preconception… I hope you find as much use for this music as I have in both writing and listening to it and exploring inner spaces.” —Lou Reed NYC, October 2006

Lou Reed - Hudson River Wind (Blend the Ambiance)
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This Beach Boys cut is more white man ethnomusicological foolery than actual New Age prana vibes, but it'll do.

The Beach Boys - Diamond Head

Brainticket's Joel Vandroogenbroeck went on in the late '70s and '80s to create library records centered around the flute. Essentially, tracks on libraries would be licensed by television or movie producers whenever needed. Think original '70s Monday Night Football theme. His later work picked up in a New Age vein, without ever resorting to the Shadowfax / Windham Hill type dreck commonly associated with the genre.

Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Group Meditation