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Further Bloodletting at the Village Voice

The news is in, Chuck Eddy has been shitcanned from the Village Voice. The ritual disembowelment of what was once a great paper continues unabated. Now I never particularly loved Eddy's writing, it sometimes infuriated me, but at the very least it provoked a reaction. One could easily tell by reading him that this was an honest, daring editor who loved music, championing critically neglected genres such as country music or bubblegum pop as he pleased. It's going to be difficult to stomach his replacement, likely a spiky haired schmindie kid regurgitating PR copy.

The whole paper has going down the drain since the acquisition by the New Times alt weekly chain. Their business plan has been simple: use economies of scale of a greatly reduced editorial staff and self-syndicate content throughout its papers. Where that leaves readers of the Voice is uncertain, James Ridgeway is gone already, Nat Hentoff and perhaps even Hoberman might be the next targets in management's sights. If the New Times sincerely thinks New Yorkers will read a paper loaded with bland, synergized content from some would be writer stationed in the hinterlands, they are in for a surprise when their circulation numbers come in.

Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown
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Critic Emeritus Robert Christgau is thought to be on his way out too, whether it will be a firing or an eventual hanging up of his hat from disgust, we don't know. I say hang in there for the severance pay, that's been my strategy in life.

I somehow know the New Times replacements will never be worthy of such a homage:

Sonic Youth - I Killed Christgau With My Big Fucking Dick
Christgau references this song in an interview here

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