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Mighty Girls

Can - Mighty Girl (Peel Session)

Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl

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If I post the A side of a 12", is anyone really going to go out and buy it due to a recommendation here? This Lindstrom and Prins Thomas epic fell into my hands somewhat later than those other bloggers out there hoovering up all the prerelease goodies, but believe me, its praises are still worth singing. Let's be frank with each other, you've just downloaded 50% of the fucker already.

Q: So why buy it?
A: A gusty kosmiche gem called "Vrang Og Vanskelig" on the B side.

See, while I find L+PT's "Mighty Girl" superior to Lindstrom's "I Feel Space" (which says volumes), "Vrang Og Vanskelig" takes me somewhere entirely unexpected, unfolding like some lotus flower made of origami'ed blotter paper caught in the rain. Don't think I'm conceding defeat by refusing to do what would be a difficult writeup on such a knotty psych workout, it's simply easier to do a side by side comparison to an antecedent recording. History can be fun.