Banana Nutrament

Parochial Nimrods

My right ear is still a little off-kilter, so, as promised, here's some spoken tracks to enjoy. It takes a special sort of deviant mind to have mastered the art of prank calling to such an extent that you have a dedicated incoming phone number for fucking with people who call you. Longmont Potion Castle has been harassing the kindly folk of Colorado for years with wooly non-sequiturs and confused threats. In this recording he is called by a vitamin salesman who tries to work his "Always Be Closing" magic on a hot lead, only to be psychologically tortured for ten minutes. This is the perfect revenge scenario for getting back at stupid telemarketers and is reverse crank calling at its best. Longmont Potion Castle also recently appeared on a split 7" with parrot fronted death metal band Hatebeak.

Longmont Potion Castle - Vitamin Salesman
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Matt Besser was served a grim fate, his New York City telephone number began receiving calls destined for a Houston AOL service center. Rather than change his home phone number, he began impersonating an AOL technician and started befuddling the minds of countless callers trying to fix their internet connection. Besser, a founding member of the UCB, began playing these reverse crank calls in his standup routine and eventually fleshed the whole thing out into a successful one man show. In this recording he pretends to be working for a cultish Christian answering service and is met by an incredulous caller.

Matt Besser - Hook It Up With Jesus
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