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Las Malas Amistades Redux

Good mp3blogging entails hipping people to obscure bands you love and want to share.

Bad mp3blogging is commenting on the recent hurricane tragedy in New Orleans by putting up a certain Led Zeppelin track or a particular Johnny Cash tune.

Unfortunately for me, bad mp3blogging also includes relying on Google as a primary research tool. When I posted a while ago about Las Malas Amistades, I got the facts hopelessly wrong. Fortunately, bandmember Manuel got in touch with me and set me straight. As it turns out, the band hails from Columbia, not Brazil. And one of the members now lives in Queens, not Brooklyn.

That's one of the great things about search engines, as my post gets indexed it lays down a sort of honeypot trap to pull in the subject of the piece. Everyone has had a boring day and Googled themselves at one time or another.


It's great that Manuel got in touch, because now we have more info to share about Las Malas Amistades. The band's site, has samples from their first album. They also have created a group blog at containing their writings and art. I was also informed that a second album is set to drop sometime in September. It will likely be available at Kim's, Other Music, and online at Forced Exposure.

Here are a few favorite tracks from the site:

Las Malas Amistades - General Electric
Las Malas Amistades - Autoboy
Las Malas Amistades - Bolitas Canicas

Las Malas Amistades Site
Las Malas Amistades Blog