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Baby Got Backpack

There is one particular Miami Base song I have never been able to abide. You know the one. The one that all the thirteen year old girls at the mall chant like Hare Krishnas. I am speaking about "Baby Got Back", a delightful rump shaker of a ditty that caught my ear ten years ago. That is, until I heard the repugnant and racially insensitive line "even white boys got to shout".

What does that mean? I am a second class citizen due to being melaninally impaired? Like I can't Cabbage Patch with the best of them? We need to live in a world where the rich, the poor, the white, the black, the Luxembourgians, the Lichensteinians, the obese, and the slender can do the Running Man in unison.

So, I can proudly report that Sir Mix-A-Lot has seen the error of his youth and repented with this delightful revisitation to his demographic target. Rrrrrrrrrreewind!

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Backpack
You can watch it here, it's the second video to the right on the top row

Hey, beats going on Celebrity Fit Club.