Banana Nutrament

Daft Punks

Got my Pixies/Gang of Four tickets for Coney Island today. It sounds like a great time, right in the Cyclones baseball stadium on October 1st. It will be a bit chilly but there should be some leftover sunrays, hopefully enough left for beers on the boardwalk at Rudy's or the possibly defunct Puzzles.

Actually, we might not go if Ticketbastard rejects my order. I grabbed four in case two friends not clued in to this want to join. After the transaction completed I started to get a nagging suspicion there might have been a two ticket limit, so we'll see what happens.. stay tuned..

This was sent to me the other day, a stop action music video made by some nerds dancing to Daft Punk. I thought, great, I've been planning to make a homemade music video of my baby dancing to "Teachers". That is, in a few months when he's big enough to fit in the red baby Adidas tracksuit we got him.

Guess what? These guys used "Teachers" too. I'm still going to make my video though, just you see. This is pretty good for a chuckle, nothing extraordinary, but cute:

Nerdy Homemade Stop Action Daft Punk Video

20 Jazz Funk Greats Dissects "Teachers"