Banana Nutrament

Animal Collective's Feels

On Wednesday I started writing about
Broken Social Scene's and Animal Collective's leaked albums. Got a little verbose so I thought I'd stick to BSS and follow up today on these shamans of the digital age.

Though Animal Collective is a Banana Nutrament favorite, I had no idea Feels was coming out October 18th, nor did I know a new album was pending. Fluxblog broke the news to me with a write up on "Grass", while a few other blogs took a sneak peak at the upcoming album. From what I've streamed so far, it sounds on par with the astonishing Sung Tongs.

Having been beaten to the punch, here's a few things Animal Collective has been doing in the interim between Sung Tongs and Feels:

Animal Collective - Wastered 12" Side B

Such a lovely, hypnotic piece on their tour only 12" split with Black Dice
**You can find it.. uh.. maybe only for completists with deep pockets**

Animal Collective - The Kite

Gauzy, reverbed textures from a reworking of what sounds like summertime field recordings
**Get it on the They Keep Me Smiling compilation at Forced Exposure**