Banana Nutrament

Cryptical Developments

I've really fallen asleep at the wheel here. Two of my favorite artists are about to release new albums and I had no idea.

Animal Collective's Feels is set to come out Oct 18th.
Pre-order and stream samples here. More on that later this week.

Broken Social Scene has a new self-titled album coming out October 4th. How was I not aware of this?

Broken Social Scene is especially dear to our hearts, though we missed the SummerStage show, my honey and I went to see them at Bowery Ballroom back in December when she was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT.
We stood way at the back where the stairs are, to avoid any basslines that might disrupt the final touches on our baby's cranial development. How indie rock is that kid gonna be? Twenty years from now he'll be telling off the clerks at Other Music that he prefers Broken Social Scene's earlier work and that they are hardly as essential as when he caught them in utero.

I thought you were only allowed to self-title your album on
freshman efforts. What is even more curious though is the poem that has been posted by Kevin Drew on the BSS website. It seems to be directed to people searching for a leak of their album. I'm going to attempt to parse a few choice lines for your edification:

Lines 1-2
So there you have it.............
Two weeks later and you all get to hear it.
Sounds like he is pissed that they just wrapped the mix and it has already leaked.

Lines 6-7
Did you think if you didn't seek our souls that you wouldn't find it??
Seems like tortured symbolism until you realize that "seek your souls" represents SoulSeek.

Line 8
I couldn't fucking tell you if your computer misrepresents the sound.
True, them computer speaker shits are tinny.

Line 12
wWhat you hear is our sound.
Masterful attempt at sneaking a Beastie Boys reference by us.

Lines 23-24
I couldn't be happier with the dirt, the piss, and the idea of fear within this sound.
Treble and bass have as many rules as your fingers want.
Abrupt shift into iambic pentameter.

Line 30
We were hoping all the dungeons and dragons people will roll the dice...........
Is this a veiled swipe at Indeietrus' band? Does this mean BSS reads our blog? I had no idea we were that influential.

Lines 38-40
We're grateful you are tracking us down.
Go and argue and go and fall in love.
Or go towards the ditch.
Is he a closeted Deadhead? He may have written this under the influence of that Mexican brown from Washington Square Park.

So the whole poem is pretty ambiguous about whether he is angry about the leak. He seems to want to scold and thank the fans all at once. I guess there is no harm as long as their fans do go out and buy their work in October. I may have become aware of BSS from a download, but then You Forgot It in People did become my de facto Christmas present of 2004. I must have bought it for at least four people.

Preview 7/4 (shoreline) from the Arts & Crafts site