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Spin Magazine 20th Anniversary Bash at Webster Hall

It seems more than one blogger thinks of Webster Hall as being guido central. Really, you think so? Hairy chests were banished last night, as Spin Magazine rented it out for for a big bash. Artists participating were:

Public Enemy
Death Cab For Cutie
LCD Soundsystem
Drive-By Truckers
Lady Sovereign
and DJ sets by Afrika Bambaataa, Diplo, DFA, The Rub

With that sort of bill, I thought it would be an au courant scenester crowd. In fact it was the picture of mediocrity, all media industry folks and interns. Not that I contributed anything to the zeitgeist.

Missed LCD Soundsystem entirely. Closest we got was walking up the steps and hearing some guy mutter "yeah, yeah, yeah" while exiting. Reports from the LCD show a month or two at Webster mentioned they added "Oscillator" to their repertoire. I'm curious what a cover would sound like..

Paperclip People - Oscillator

If anyone reading this was there, did they play this song? Might be good live. Frankly, I'd like to see them rent out a string section and reinterpret some Pepe Braddock.

Next comes up J Mascis, one of the surprise guests. Half the crowd thinks he is a stagehand tuning up Death Cab's guitars. Very nice abbreviated solo acoustic set with some pedal feedback manipulation and a few loops.

Lady Sovereign follows. All the cheeky midget she descibes herself as. I don't envy her getting up in front of a crowd hungering for Death Cab, and she wisely blew through three or four tracks. Didn't win over any new converts but at least silenced the doubters in the audience.

Placeholder: hangover + not enough sleep = I will "borrow" the inevitable photo of Death Cab off of Stereogum and/or Brooklyn Vegan later

Death Cab for Cutie turned in a fine set, not that I know what they played. I can recall the titles of possibly two songs off Transatlanticism, and have no idea what they've been up to since. Crowd very eager for them. Still young men, but they have matured quite a bit.

Placeholder: Click here in a couple days to see a photo of Flava Flav that I will have stolen off of Flickr. Right now my head hurts.

Public Enemy took the stage at 1:45 or so, and hit the ground running. Not only are they still around, but put on a pretty competent live act. No searchlight cutting through pitch black with jailbreak klaxxons though. But they did have two silent men in PE branded paramilitary gear and sheathed ninja swords. The only part where I started cabbage patching a la Rosie Perez in the Do the Right Thing opening credits was when they dropped "Welcome to the Terrordome" on the reinvigorated crowd.

We didn't make it to "Fight the Power". They slowed it down with some political stuff and we were done. Besides, my bones are old and tired. There is also a perpetual weary trapped inside the tiredness.

Public Enemy - Fight the Power (Power Sax Mix)