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Cast Your Vote for Miss Indie Rock 2005

You knew this would happen eventually. Indie rockers Death Cab and The Shins are feted on programs like "The O.C.", while
Miss America isn't even carried on network TV anymore. Something had to be done. We're not so awful, it's not like there's a swimsuit category. Everyone listed below is a solid musician who could kick you to the ground and leave you wiping the fog off your horn-rimmed glasses. Male gaze, male schmaze.

Voting is enabled below. I guess we'll announce the winner in January '06, assuming Blogspot hasnt deleted Banana Nutrament by then.

Leslie Feist
Banana Nutrament

Banana Nutrament

Katrina Kerns (Sufjan's xylophonist)
Banana Nutrament

Kim Gordon
Banana Nutrament

Eleanor FriedbergerBanana Nutrament

That Hot Chick from Rilo KileyBanana Nutrament

The Deheza Twins (ex-On!Air!Library!)Banana Nutrament

Lizzie Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance)Banana Nutrament

That Hot Chick from SmooshBanana Nutrament

NicoBanana Nutrament

such poor taste.. shout to Gripper