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Italo Love Affairs

I was just goofing off when I came across this great interview with Morgan Geist on Stylus. I'm not a frequent Stylus reader, but I guess I should be. The writing there veers off into currents and eddies that Pitchfork can't, and I guess they do host the Stypod, some sort of MP3 blog I've never been able to figure out which is hosted by a rotating cast of guest writers.

Anyway, this excellent interview with Geist delves into his approach to production and even offers a few insights on the Unclassics series (one of which happened to be posted last Friday). I always thought the Unclassics mix was a sincere labor of love -- it is, but Geist does find humor in some of the more ostentatious Italo frippery.

I also discovered he is a lover of Gaz Nevada. That much should be obvious being that the wonderfully oddball "Special Agent Man" makes an appearance on Unclassics. But he also mentions "I.C. Love Affair" in the interview, a track that I find far more memorable. It's a strange clash of the sublime and the stinky; profound synthesizer progressions rub shoulders with a moustachioed narrator and a disco mandatory Bee Gees chorus. And somehow it all works.

Banana Nutrament

Gaz Nevada - I.C. Love Affair
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Morgan Geist Interview on Stylus