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Liquid Liquid Revisited

I remember a couple years ago having a cigarette in front of Max Fish, waiting for some friends to show up. The Lower East Side was gentrified then too, but at this point it was still riddled with basement practice spaces for bands, and you'd occasionally have to step over a stray amp or watch for open cellar doors. So I'm waiting and I hear a familiar bassline. Melle Mel's "White Lines". But it's not some dot com DJ practicing, it's an actual band. For fuck's sake, is that a perfect imitation of Liquid Liquid's "Cavern"? Is this the final gasping of the discopunk endgame, just forgo writing original songs and become a 99 Records cover band?

Liquid Liquid - Bellhead Live at Optimo July 2003 (Twitch Re Edit)
**More on Liquid Liquid, 99 Records, and Glasgow's Optimo**

After a few minutes they stopped and started up "Cavern" all over again. Still waiting outside, it dawned on me that the facsimile was so good it must actually be them. Sure enough, six months later Liquid Liquid announced they got back together and played sporadic dates in NYC and overseas.

Liquid Liquid - Flextone (JD Twitch Optimo Edit)
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Twitch is such a fan he named his Optimo party after a song of theirs. I still can't find "Dig We Must", but a "Flextone" reissue came out this summer with remixes by Twitch and Brennan Green (another Banana Nutrament favorite).

By now I'm used to getting scooped by Fluxblog or 20 Jazz Funk Greats. But scooped by a Norweigan pop sprite? Just before putting this up I see Annie has included it on her Annie DJ Kicks mix. Looks like a promising track listing.