Banana Nutrament

Psychic Ills at Northsix January 20th

Finally got to witness Psychic Ills perform this past Friday. Must have missed seeing them 4 or 5 times, and eventually the itch got too great to bear.

Onstage at Northsix, the Psychic Ills summoned hashish tent daydreams swept by drones billowing out like prerecorded muezzin calls. They delivered heavy psychedelia with the lightest of touches, exercising restraint and avoiding any shoegaze tarpits. I only recognized "January Rain", the rest was a storm field of reverb and frayed ends. Could have only possibly been improved by Joshua Light Show background projections.

Banana Nutrament

We had mentioned them here back in July, though we are just blogger kids. Our friends at Daughters of Invention, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, and Just for A Day have been beating a drum for them too, let's hope it develops into some actual press.

We ended up walking out on insipid headliner Serena Maneesh, but not before picking up a copy of the Ills' Dins. It comes out February 7th but can be ordered direct from the label right now. Interesting to hear that the final mixdown is very different from the various demos and leaks that had been dribbling out onto the Internet. Ace Fluxus cover art too.

I think we've posted enough Social Registry mp3s in our short time, so head over to the label for a further listen.