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nO things

Picking up lots of ground chatter about Liar's upcoming release Drum's Not Dead; sneak listens confirm it as a return to form for the group, or at least a reversion from prattling on about witch dandruff. Or whatever it was they were groaning about (thankfully not pirates). Nice to hear they've hiked back from the forest with that new full length in tow, it drops in February and is quite a doozy.

But what happened to that deadly rhythm section after being lopped off so unceremoniously? Turns out bassist Pat Noecker and drummer Ron Albertson stuck together and formed the outfit n0 things with friend Christian Dautresme. Working the Todd P pierogi circuit for some time now, they've built up good word of mouth and are appearing at SXSW in March.

All the tom tom war drums and moody funk remain. Though they have a unique voice all their own, and are very much their own band, I can't help but feel my favorite part of 2001 has reappeared.

n0 things - Just Say It

n0 things - Mother Is a Tidal Wave
n0 things -Tears for Time Lost

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